Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Equipment we need to make home-made cosmetics

Hi there! It's me Svetlana.

You will need the following equipment:
measuring cups and spoons,
stirring spoons or rods, blender (or food processor),
whisk (either electric or manual),
coffee grinder,
coffee filters,
paper towels,
glass and ceramic bowls for mixing,
assorted jars, bottles, storage containers, spray bottles.
As you can see you probably already have either all the equipment or almost all of it in your kitchen. Personally I use the same equipment for cooking as I use for cosmetics making, except for storage containers. Some people have a separate set of equipment they store away from the main kitchen utensils. It’s your choice. Make sure your storage containers are clearly marked or have a different color (shape, place in the fridge, etc.) from your food-storing containers, so your family members do not confuse your cosmetics for food and do not accidentally eat or throw them away.
So long! Svetlana

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