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Beauty suggestions from famous Soviet movie stars

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Both my mother and my grandmother also were avid movie lovers. After the World War II, when the Soviet Union was recovering from the devastation, and poverty was rampant, but the hopes were high, the soviet people used movie theatres as great outlet to unwind. Hugely popular during that time, movies, both foreign and domestic, became a sort of a universal remedy, providing affordable entertainment, giving hopes and aspirations, fueling ambitions and dreams. There were many beloved movie stars of the Soviet postwar era, and I remember many of them from the old movies I used to watch with my parents. Several of the Soviet actresses were so legendary and so adored they were almost lifted in the rank of superheroes. These drop-dead gorgeous ladies, many of whom worked in the movie and theater industry for decades never had any plastic surgeries or cosmetic enhancements. They just put a lot of everyday work into their looks, relying mostly on homemade cosmetics and natural remedies, as well as regular exercises (including face exercises) and food portion control to stay in shape.

My mother meticulously collected and regularly used cosmetics recipes and suggestions from famous Soviet movie stars. Here are some of them.

Face mask.

One egg yolk

½ tea spoon honey

5 drops sunflower seed oil (off note, there was no olive oil available in the Soviet Union, but the sunflower seed oil is just as healthy and good as olive oil).

Mix well and apply to face and neck for 20 min. Rinse off. One can do this mask every other day.

Face mask for reducing pores.

One egg yolk

½ tea spoon honey

Several drops of fresh lemon juice

Mix well and apply to face for 15 min. Do you feel the skin tighten a little? Good! Rinse off.

Dairy products as face masks.

-While making morning coffee or a breakfast, apply some sour cream or kefir on the skin of face and neck for about 15 min. Kefir reduces the appearance of pores. Rinse in the shower.

-Use milk to wash your face, and the skin will look terrific.

-Can also use mineral water.

Contrast compresses for a double chin.

Wet a face cloth in very warm water, ring excess of water, and quickly apply to the chin. Hold for 1-2 min. Alternate with very cold compress (hold only several seconds). Change compresses 5-6 times, alternating hot and cold. This will improve the blood circulation and tone the skin, reducing the double chin appearance.

Instant breast lift

Take ice cubes and rub your breasts with them every morning until the skin is reddish and you feel a pleasant tingling sensation. Some middle-age ladies swear by it saying they have breasts of twenty years old by using ice massage for years. I don’t think they are exaggerating too much.

Below is the picture os a super-star of the Soviet cinema Lyubov Orlova.

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  1. That's a great point about actresses not having the access to the cosmetic surgery as they do today - however they still look gorgeous, and most important, natural! Those are some great home remedies. I have tried versions of egg masks before, and I really can feel my skin tightening.

    I like using olive oil and sugar on my lips and lightly brushing them with a dry toothbrush to remove dry skin, especially in the winter.


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