Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beauty suggestions from famous Soviet movie stars

Hi there!
It's me Svetlana.
Both my mother and my grandmother also were avid movie lovers. After the World War II, when the Soviet Union was recovering from the devastation, and poverty was rampant, but the hopes were high, the soviet people used movie theatres as great outlet to unwind. Hugely popular during that time, movies, both foreign and domestic, became a sort of a universal remedy, providing affordable entertainment, giving hopes and aspirations, fueling ambitions and dreams. There were many beloved movie stars of the Soviet postwar era, and I remember many of them from the old movies I used to watch with my parents. Several of the Soviet actresses were so legendary and so adored they were almost lifted in the rank of superheroes. These drop-dead gorgeous ladies, many of whom worked in the movie and theater industry for decades never had any plastic surgeries or cosmetic enhancements. They just put a lot of everyday work into their looks, relying mostly on homemade cosmetics and natural remedies, as well as regular exercises (including face exercises) and food portion control to stay in shape.

My mother's beauty tips

Hi there! It's me Svetlana.
My mom is a huge natural beauty enthusiast. She is a real pro when it comes to achieving  great looking skin and body with virtually no money! Here are some of her beauty tips.

1. Face towel should be soft. Never rub the face harshly with a towel but rather touch it lightly to absorb excess water.

2. A little bit of moisture left on the face after washing is good because when you apply a moisturizer you can use much smaller amounts to distribute it all over your face and neck. It also would help to prevent skin dryness.