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Less is more for mature skin says beauty expert Kay Montano.

The other week I had the pleasure of working with David Bailey on a shoot for Vanity Fair, with Sixties model icons Twiggy, Penelope Tree and Veruschka.

As they caught up and discussed old times, I became aware of how inspirational these women were, what extraordinary lives they've had and how ageless they seemed.
While swopping make-up tips with Veruschka (she showed me how she used to apply her iconic eye make-up, and I showed her how far foundation and powder had come) Penelope joked that David Bailey called them 'the new old'.
This is a perfect description, because despite Penelope being 59, Twiggy 61 and Veruschka 71, their simple make-up look, which didn't try to disguise wrinkles but enhanced their natural radiance, gave them a contemporary, youthful look.

Many women unwittingly age themselves by getting stuck in a make-up time warp, caking on too much or adopting an overtly modern style that can look like caricature, unintentionally implying a woman holding on to youth.
As you mature, it is important to learn to adapt to your skin's changing needs.
Looking good is all about minimal make-up and great-looking skin, so invest in a fabulous anti-ageing cream.

Clinical trials have seen visible benefits from products that include ingredients such as pentapeptides, vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, Argeriline and recently the sci-fi-sounding Matrixyl 3000. It is wise to read labels so you can decide whether you'd like your pentapeptides with or without petrochemicals, as there is evidence to suggest that our largest organ, the skin, can absorb these ingredients.

If, like me you're not keen on heavily perfumed, synthetic-smelling potions, but feel the need for topical nourishment, try the Environ range or MLab Anti-Ageing Moisturising Cream.

Regular exfoliation is also an effective way to give youthful luminosity back to the skin, and Jurlique Refining Treatment, which contains floral and herbal extracts, helps polish away dead skin naturally.

Another great skin 'fix' is a rejuvenating face mask such as White Gold Purifying Face Mask by Ina Crystals. As we age, we need to get cleverer with foundation and concealer because we aremore likely to get broken veins around our nostrils, skin discolouration and a blue/grey tint around the eyes.

You will need to learn how to cover up your blemishes without caking on the make-up.

The quality of your products is essential. Tinted moisturisers such as Laura Mercier's are fabulous for a sheer veil of colour.
Many women give up with concealers by the age of 40, as they can accentuate wrinkles.
But not so if you choose the correct colour (one shade lighter than your skin) of Touche Éclat.
Powder, too, has come a long way since granny's compact. Take the shine down with Chanel Pressed Powder in Mimosa.

The make-up trend for sheer colour is great news for anyone over 25, because dense, dark pigments are not designed with mature skin in mind. This is why Chanel blushers are my favourite.
Every woman needs a brown eyeshadow in the kit to give subtle shape to the eyes.

Laura Mercier's brown velvet compact has the perfect selection that, when used in conjunction with Shu Uemura eyelash curlers and Becca Mascara in black, create a polished look. Here's to the new old.

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