Saturday, July 17, 2010

Exercise in short bursts during your work day to get all the benefits of a sustained once per day workout

Hi there!
It's me Svetlana.
Ron posted a comment on the previous article I poseted. It is about no-brain exercises you can incorporate into the everyday life to rip the full benefit. Ron said he started doing.the "backyard bootcamp" routine and alredy can see benefits.

This reminded me that I discovered something even better: one can exercise without leaving the workplace!

The greatest care-free exercise strategy I discovered over years is exercises in short "bursts" or sessions throughout the day. One can even do it at work. You are entitled to a 30 min lunch break and several 5 min breaks thoughout the day, right? Let's turn them into the calorie-burning, strength-gaining short routines! Do you want to know what I do?