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Fight Fad Diets With Intuitive Nutrition Concept!

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Have you noticed the latest Hollywood diet craze? Jennifer Aniston, Reece Witherspoon, some of the Desperate Housewives, Tracy Anderson... Hollywood's newest weight loss diet comes in tiny little jars.
Over the course of the day they are allowed up to 14 jars of these... and nothing else...

From now I am going to quote Valerie Orsoni who is a Lifestyle Coach and Founder of e-Fitness Sensation LeBootCamp. Posted In the Internet Newspaper Huffington on May 28, 2010 12:00 PM

"Let's look at the positives: The Baby Food Diet consists of lots of veggies, lean meat and lots of water to flush it out, so it is healthy in that regard. But, where's the catch?

First, how long can one live like this?

Here are some other thoughts for those who might consider regressing to an infant's way of eating:

(1) Social Life: Turning to a puree-based form of nourishment is not a light decision for those who enjoy the company of other, non-pureeing people. Ever been invited to a puree barbecue party? And do you really want to bring a Cuisinart to that buzzed-about restaurant your friends are dying to try?

(2) Family life: Chances are that your family will not enjoy this new menu, unless they are all no older than one year! Unlike simply watching portions, or trading high fat foods for lower fat versions, you will either need to cook a completely separate meal for others in your home or trade your teens in for infants. (I am joking, here, this is not a real option.)

(3) Mood: Boredom is likely to hit the Baby Food Dieter after the initial weight loss that typically occurs at the start of each new "crash" diet. To succeed over the long haul, the dieter will have to resort to a high level of motivation and be comfortable with self-deprivation to stay the course. Mood swings are likely to hit as more and more energy is spent to stay on the "right" track.

(4) Nutrition: Such a diet is not dangerous if followed for up to three days. However, it can be after more than 72 hours as it lacks essential nutrients, healthy fats, Omega 3s, and indispensable vitamins like Vitamin C, which are destroyed with the heat necessary to properly puree food.

(5) Physiology: We need to chew our food. The act of chewing helps us quickly release and assimilate the molecules of nutrients from the food. Keeping food in our mouths longer while chewing also helps the tongue recognize the food's flavors. Once the flavor is recognized by the tongue, a message is sent to the brain, which in turn sends a message to the digestive system so that the right digestive juices can be released.

(6) General Health: There is a very low caloric intake associated with this diet. Such a pronounced reduction of calories leads to a rapid, and often, drastic weight loss where muscle mass will be hit first. Don't take this first step to a life of yo-yo dieting! "

I completely agree with the author! Why to turn your life into a sequence of weird obsessions about something so natural and simple: nutrition and weight meintenance!? As I said before, the concept of the Intuitive Nutrition when you put your own body in charge and start trusting it, is the most natural and painless way to reach your normal body weight and remain on the same page with your body. No body abuse, no guilt, a full spectrum of food choices, no hunger, and no fighting with your own body anymore. You and your body will start working happily on the same side to bring you to the best shape of your life and to keep you there.
Learn the Intuitive Nutrition Concept in my blog and try it for yourself. Hunger scale should become your life-long friend. Please go to these posts in my blog, read, folow, and enjoy!!!




  1. thanks for quoting me!
    Valerie Orsoni

  2. Dear Valerie!
    Thank you. I don't think it could be summarized better than you did it. I added your web page to my favorites and posted a link to your article in my blog post.


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