Saturday, May 1, 2010

Face Building: Face exercises to delay skin sagging and wrinkles

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Today is am going to revisit a long-forgotten topic: face execrises. Believe it or not, our mothers and grandmothers knew all about it. The reason? There were no modern technologies of face lift, Botox, fillers injections, etc, so they had to rely on the natural ways to keep face looking young. They are still hugely popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. My mother does them every day.

After all, it's not that bad even in the Western world: to avoiding (ot at least delaying) expensive and not always successful cosmetic procedures by toning your face with a set of special exercises. There are so many exercises one can do... I found a couple of Face Exercises blogs, very comprehensive. These are the links:

There are several more sites great web sites:

There is also a concept of "Face Yoga". There are tons of videos on You tube demonstrating face yoga exercises. I included several links so you can look and get an idea. Once you are there, you can browse all of them and follow the instructions.

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