Sunday, February 7, 2010

Control your appetite

Hi there!

It's me Svetlana.

January-February is the best time to start losing "holiday weight" and getting in shape for the spring and summer.

Eating less is just as important as getting back on exercise routine. Portion control and smart eating strategies are the key. I keep motivating myself to eat less by reading and re-reading motivational quotes and tip form "Thinspirations" (please see the corresponding blog post).

I also found that consuming fiber tablets during the day ("like Benefiber") keeps me feeling fuller and eat less throughtout the day. I keep them at home and at work and pop in a couple when feel like it.
The other thing we often forget about it this: the less we eat, the smaller the stomach becomes (it literally shrinks to a smaller size!), so in a long run we will be satisfied with much smaller portions. Isn't this wonderful? The problem is that not many people have discipline to stick with this strategy. But if you do, this is the simplest way to exercise portion control: after a while you just can not pig out, or it will make you physically sick!

I found this is the article (by Jennifer R. Scott on that can help us with improving eating strategies and keeping appetite at bay.