Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beauty in Russia and Ukraine: cultural differences.

Hi there!

As Russian women, we love.....

1. We LOVE to dress up, even to go to a grocery store across the street.

2. We believe that a woman MUST stay in good physical shape. There is no alternative.

2. We LOVE to follow fashion.

3.We LOVE to look seductive.

3. We LOVE to get a good education.

5. We LOVE new information about health and beauty, new health practices and experimenting with our bodies (new exercise ideas, new diets, new cosmetics, new meditation techniques, etc).

6.We LOVE natural healing, medicinal herbs, meditation, and alternative medicine.

we like to feel like women, even though the world around us is not perfect...

So long!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Your dog might be your best workout buddy

Hi there!

It's me Svetlana.

As a proud new owner of a Yorkie puppy I am constantly seeking ways of including my dog in my exercise routine. Yes, he is still very little, 16 weeks old and weights only 2 lbs and 2 oz. So for now I can play indoor games with him, chase him around and then let him chase me around. I take him on my walks in a front pouch carrier, and he seems to enjoy it a lot. I do my back (and stretch) exercises many times per day just by bending over and picking him up from the floor or putting him back on the floor. Of course, running up and down the stairs to relocate him from the first floor to the bedrooms takes energy, as well as does cleaning, picking up toys, bathing, etc.