Sunday, November 22, 2009

Power of Mind in Getting and Staying Slim. Part 1. Introduction.

Hi there!

It’s me Svetlana.

Finally I have reached the topic I wanted to discuss for a very long time, because this step is a keystone of every successful weight loss and maintenance strategy. It probably is as important as the rest of the tactics for weight management combined together. It is POWER OF MIND AND SUBCONSCIOUSNESS. Take power of subconsciousness, combine it CONSISTENTLY with intuitive nutrition and some sort of habitual locomotion and I GUARANTEE YOU 10000% THAT YOU WEIGHT WILL NEVER BE A PROBLEM ANYMORE.

One can try dozens of ways to lose weight to realize that not a single one gives 100% guarantee. No diet or aerobic training can succeed without involving one crucial component: mobilization of internal reserves.

There is a secret power inside each one of us that can transform all our desires into reality (with certain limitations, of course): the power of subconsciousness. It’s just not everyone knows how to mobilize it and use it. By learning how to make your sub consciousness work for your benefit you can forever eliminate the need for diets and exhausting exercise. You will become a self-confident woman, without fears, anxieties, and extra pounds, light and graceful. Men and women around will notice and appreciate your great body and dazzling smile.

As I go back and think why I decided to start this blog several months ago, it’s probably because I wanted to share with you three things I have been passionate about: intuitive nutrition, power of mind in getting and staying slim, and fitness for lazy and frugal. And out of these three topics “power of mind” being the most complicated but also the most rewarding step. It does require WORK, Hard work. That’s where the idea of self-help presents itself in a quintessential, raw form. Involving your mind and sub-consciousness means sweat and blood, blood and sweat. But… the rewards are astonishing!

With this introduction, I must take a deep breath and get started. In the next post I will tell you about how our sub consciousness works and why it’s important, will discuss importance and power of thoughts and words. We will learn two axioms. Axiom # 1. Thoughts and words are material. Axiom #2. We are what we think of ourselves.

So long!


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