Saturday, November 14, 2009

Greatest beauty secret: slow down and unwind.

Hi there!

It's me Svetlana.

It's time to come back to the inner beauty. I equal inner beauty with happiness. There is nothing sexier and more beautiful than a woman (of any age!) glowing with relaxed happiness, content, and satisfaction. When somebody is really happy or unhappy it immediately shows on the person's face. And I am not talking only greenish or sallow complexion and facial features distorted with anger. I am talking the long-term results of unhappiness on one's face. Those frown lines eventually become permanent and give away unhappiness. When the time comes to have wrinkles I would rather have laugh lines instead of frown creases, down-turned corners of the mouth and a clenched jaw.

We don't control everything in our lives and things happen. Complete happiness may be tough to chase. There are health problems, busy work schedules, kids going through hard adolescent pains, death of loved ones, loss of friends, unpleasant bosses, and the list can go on and on.

There is one thing we can and should control, though: the pace of our life. Slow down, really! Research showed that people who did everything unhurried had lower blood pressure, less heart attacks, and even less cancer. Besides that slow pace in life reduces chances of harmful adrenalin and cortisol (stress hormone) effects on your general appearance and the condition of your skin. Slow pace will balance out other stresses and thus make you much happier than a constant rat race. Here are some tips how to take it slooow.

1. At work. Focus on one single task instead of "juggling" many of them simultaneously. Finish it and then move to the next one. Take several mini-breaks over the course of the day to stretch, refresh your makeup, close your eyes for a couple of minutes, do some deep breathing. If possible, take a solitary walk during your lunch break, just you alone. And yes, each your lunch alone in a quiet place (if possible).

2. On a week night at home. Once in a while instead of cooking a dinner buy a healthy cooked meal from a local Whole Foods market (or a similar food store) and serve it with a big salad you can make in five minutes. Don't eat in front of TV! Savor every bite (Slooooooowly!!!!!!!!) at a dinner table, using nice plates and glasses.

3. On a weekend. Look at your "to do list" and get rid of items that are not essential. You may be surprised how much time you can buy by doing just this! Instead, take a power nap or a really long nice walk!

4. On the movie night. Forget about action thrillers or horror movies. Watch a classic film instead with long dialogues, lingering scenes, and lots of silence in between. Or just watch a silent movie! In a movie theater opt for a comedy: there is nothing more beneficial for your health (and your skin!) than a good laugh.

5. During the speed-walk. In general, avoid big busy streets if you can, instead go to a park or somewhere you can breathe fresh air and observe some nature. During your walk stop for several minutes (yes, stop!), look around, listen to birds singing, appreciate the scenery, or sit on the bench and just observe life passing by.

Other solutions:

- make time for a hobby, just your time for something you really like.

- don't try to be perfect in everything you do. Give yourself some slack. Ultimately your relaxed happiness matters much more to your family than a spotless house and a chronically stressed out mother and wife.

Slow down and be happy. It's important for your inner and outer beauty.

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  1. True rest and relaxation is the best medicine ever.


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