Sunday, November 22, 2009

Power of Mind in Getting and Staying Slim. Part 1. Introduction.

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It’s me Svetlana.

Finally I have reached the topic I wanted to discuss for a very long time, because this step is a keystone of every successful weight loss and maintenance strategy. It probably is as important as the rest of the tactics for weight management combined together. It is POWER OF MIND AND SUBCONSCIOUSNESS. Take power of subconsciousness, combine it CONSISTENTLY with intuitive nutrition and some sort of habitual locomotion and I GUARANTEE YOU 10000% THAT YOU WEIGHT WILL NEVER BE A PROBLEM ANYMORE.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Greatest beauty secret: slow down and unwind.

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It's me Svetlana.

It's time to come back to the inner beauty. I equal inner beauty with happiness. There is nothing sexier and more beautiful than a woman (of any age!) glowing with relaxed happiness, content, and satisfaction. When somebody is really happy or unhappy it immediately shows on the person's face. And I am not talking only greenish or sallow complexion and facial features distorted with anger. I am talking the long-term results of unhappiness on one's face. Those frown lines eventually become permanent and give away unhappiness. When the time comes to have wrinkles I would rather have laugh lines instead of frown creases, down-turned corners of the mouth and a clenched jaw.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Age-specific skin care routines...for those who likes to add chemicals to the natural skin care (and yes, they work! Expensive though...)

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It's me Svetlana.
Tonight I decided "to tell it all", namely to describe age-specific skin care regiments as recommended by a dermatologist. I came across this book "Beauty prescription" written by two MDs, one of them a professional dermatologist.

In this blog post I would like to give you an idea of a skin care regimen they recommend for women of various ages. With all due respect, and I don't want to sound cynical, but until now (and I am 43 years old!) I have not used (by choice, not by the lack of knowledge) any of the chemicals to make myself look younger (besides maybe a sunscreen). All I did was using organic ingredients for daily skin care and a commercial sunscreen for beach vacations. As you may know, my skin lookd great (without spending much money) and all in all I look younger than my age. So, it's for you to decide whether to spend $$$$$$.

I would like you to review the regimens recommended in the book and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Updated H1N1 flu (Swine flu) Power Point presentation.

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It's me Svetlana. Tomorrow I will be giving a talk on H1N1 flu update at my company, so I updated my Power Poin presentation. Please see the slides on the Google Docs (open the link). I hope you find this information helpful in this flu season.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beauty after 40: while nurturing your inner beauty, pay more attention to the maintenance of innate beauty.

Hi there! It's me Svetlana.

Today George and I are on the plane coming back from a wonderful vacation in California. During this long flight I was thinking: what ultimately is beauty? Everyone has a unique answer to this question; however, there are universal components of what we call beautiful. First of course are good looks, and the other one is the beauty coming from within: kindness, generosity, warm heart, love for people, wit, sense of humor, optimism. So what is more important: looks or the inner beauty? I want to turn the tables around for a moment. Many books on beauty and self-improvement preach the same: do not obsess about the exterior alone and pay more attention to the inner beauty, wisdom, self-confidence, love for others, and peace of mind. This advice is great, of course, as long as it’s not taken to extremes and evolves into advocating the advantages of NATURAL BEAUTY only. Natural beauty is great in the 20s when a girl can jump out of bed and look drop-dead gorgeous, but as we age, going out without makeup may not work out that great.

How to get a perfect self-tan at home?

Hi there! It's me Svetlana.

Many of us want to have a nice, year-around sexy tan and look like we just came back from an island vacation. However we know how dangerous is frequent sun tanning and the use of tanning beds. Not only it markedly increases the odds of getting skin cancer, but also it ages our skin like nothing else. Early wrinkles and age spots appear and do not go away.

So, sunless tan is the healthiest choice. Sunless tan in a specialty salon may cost you a fortune, and if you decide to do it on a schedule, your budget will suffer substantially.

Our goal, of course, is to achieve the best results with the minimum money spent (that's why I advocate a concept of "The Home Beauty School on a Budget"). This can only be done by perfecting self-tanning technique at home.