Friday, October 16, 2009

Why and how to read food labels. My Power Point presentation "Puzzling food labels - mystery solved!"

16 October 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana.
Several days at work I was asked to present a follow-up lecture to my recent "Intuitive nutrition - the universal key to healthy weight for life" that was a tremendous success. Our company is still buzzing with enthusiasm about a hunger scale, connection to one's own body, and a no-brainer fitness program I presented.
Please feel free to check out for my Power Point presentation about Intuitive Nutrition by going to this link at Gogle Docs:
This presentation complements and adds to the sections of this blog dedicated to Intuitive nutrition and Fitness.

So, my company asked me to continue the healthy lecture series with a natural sequel to the Intuitive nutrition, namely a lecture about reading food labels.
I was amazed to discover that I practically can deliver this lecture from my head, without any preparatory reading. This is because being weight and nutrition conscious person, not to mention my extensive medical education and work as a cardiologist, really gives me a huge advantage in this area. I love the fact that I can educate others how to complement our homemade beauty quest with simple and cheap, yet extremely powerful knowledge of nutrition basics. My Russian mother and friends can be really proud: they take a full advantage of this knowledge of nutritional facts every day to keep their bodies in shape true Russian way: simple and cheap!
This lecture will be more fun than the prior one, I can see it coming!

Yesterday and today I put my the bulk of my Power Point presentation together. I called it" "Puzzling food labels - mystery solved!".  I still have to add a couple of things to it, but you can start checking it out (I would say it's 90% done) by going to Goddle Docs with this link:

During this weekend I will finish it by elaborating more on bad and good fats, cholesterol, sodium, and USDA requirements. Also I will explain how to convert US food (or "big") Calories into European-standard calories, and will touch on European food labels (a large part of our company is based in the UK, and they already requested this information). After I am completely done, I will update the Google Docs website and instead of this draft will put a final presentation there.
Enjoy! I wonder if you have any quiestions.
So long!

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