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Taking skin care in your 40s to a higher level: at-home glycolic peels.

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As skin care for ladies in their 40s plus seems to be the topic of the day, I want to talk more about it.

We all have to know that as we age it will be more and more difficult to fight wrinkles and signs of skin aging with natural homemade resources. I do not want to create an impression that homemade cosmetics, even though all natural and poisons-free, will become a panacea for the aging skin.

For me and many women like myself who believe that pricier is not always better, as we grow older, the goal of the skin regiment will still be the same: as simple and inexpensive as possible. The bottom line is not going to change: we are still going to use homemade masks, exfoliant, and moisturizers as a base for the skin care regiment regardless whether we are in our 30s, 40s, or beyond.

The crucial difference as we grow older, though, will be this: keeping as many organic, fresh, all-natural homemade cosmetic products in the skin regiment, we will need to take it up a notch (or a few notches!) to prevent and treat wrinkles and age spots.

I still do not advocate Botox or Laser treatment as a choice for those problems. If we can avoid throwing thousands of dollars into pockets of our dermatologists (or at least if we can delay the "pleasure" of doing so), I am all for this!

I suggest that, when the time comes, and despite all the best at-home skin treatments we can think of, fine wrinkles and lines start appearing, skin loses it's glow and becomes dull, before going to a dermatologist for Botox and microdermabrasion, we can add two more expensive and potent things: topical retinoids (a retinol-based drug store product or a more potent dermatologist-prescribed Renova) and glycolic or salicylic acid peel.

These will be two most expensive things we add to our skin treatment as we age: a retinol-based drug store product or a more potent dermatologist-prescribed Renova and an at-home facial glycolic peel.

The reason you may need to start using those products is: the aging skin needs deeper exfoliation (removal of the old skin layer) and higher collagen production to look younger.

The idea behind any skin peeling product is to remove the very top layers of dead or unhealthy skin. The younger skin underneath is not only exposed, but also most peels cause the body to produce collagen as it generates the new skin layer. The collagen helps fill in those scars and lines, leaving the skin fresh and smooth. Also it allows for skin products, such as a mask or a moisturizer, to penetrate into the skin better.

So, basically the glycolic peel exfoliates, but it takes exfoliation to a higher level. You can not achieve such deep exfoliation with home-made exfoliating products.

You can buy Therapy Systems Self Adjusting Facial Peel Kit on line for about $85. It looks like this. (Of course you can buy any other systems manufactured by reputable companies).

This kit comes with instructions. Do not apply this product if your skin suffers from hypersensitivity. If you are using Retinoids (Vitamin A products), it is recommended that you seek permission from your physician prior to applying this product. Sun Alert: Because this product may make your skin more sensitive to the sun, be certain you have adequate sunscreen protection while using this product and for a week after you discontinue use. Perform a "patch test" 24-48 hours before using this or any other peel (apply a small amount of product as directed in the package below ear along the jawline and wait for 24-48 hours. If no irritation develops, you can use it on the entire face and neck).

This easy-to-use kit contains all that is needed for 6 weekly peel treatments designed to improve overall skin function, encourage cell proliferation, reduce visible lines, and immediately improve skin clarity, tone and texture. Its compact design is perfect for maintenance while traveling, for those who receive regular spa peels or for those who don't have the time, money or inclination. Regular treatment with this kit maximizes the benefits of all other Therapy Systems Advanced Treatments. Kit Contains: (1) Pre-Peel Cleansing Gel (60 mL) (1) Pre-Treatment Prepping Solution (60 mL) (1) Glycolic Peel Gel (10 mL topical syringe) (1) Post-Peel Treatment Cream (30 mL) Instructions for Use: Step 1: Gently massage CLEANSING GEL in a circular motion over the entire damp face for 30-60 seconds before rinsing with warm water. Step 2: Apply PRE-TREATMENT PREPPING SOLUTION to a cotton pad and wipe over entire face. Step 3: Dispense 1.5 mL GLYCOLIC PEEL GEL into peel tray and, using applicator or finger tips, apply in the following order: forehead, jawbone, chin, nose and cheeks, avoiding eye lids and mucus membranes. After peel has been on the skin for 2-3 minutes, rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat dry. Step 4: Apply a small amount of POST-PEEL TREATMENT CREAM to fingertips and massage gently onto skin, once again avoiding the eye area.

There are demonstrations on You tube of how to use at-home glycolic peel, for example this one:

It's recommended that after removing the glycolic peel you spray the face and neck with some kind of instant lifting facial spray, followed by expensive eye and lip cream and a pricy day serum. Tell you what: these steps are totally unnecessary. If you do a weekly glycolic peel at home and use Renova or other retinol-based product (I will tell you about retinol and Renova in the next blog post), the rest of the skin regiment will remain home-made. Use a home-made natural moisturizer to follow the peel, and do not go out without a layer of sun screen.

Remember: sun screen is needed even in winter, and even on a cloudy day!!!

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