Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rules for Looking Yonger (what to do with your hair, skin, and makeup to look younger).

10 October 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana!
Want to look younger for cheap? No problem! Experts on beauty would tell you you shoud do this:


1. Warm up your hair color.
As you grow older, ashy colors become you biggest enemy. One can not innocently camouflage gray with pale highlights or blond hair color anymore. This will mke them look older.
Blondes shold try more golden colors, and brunettes should try warm, caramel tones. For more gray coverage one should try a permanent hair color in a warm shade one ir two shades lighter than the natural pregray shade (good luck with remembering how that looks!!!). :-) Nevertheless, that's what the experts say.

2. Avoid the "mom cut".
There is no need to go short at certain age. Overly layered, ear-length style only adds age. One can chose an easy-to-style cropped cut (like Halle Berry) or a chin-length or longer bob (like Kati Holmes), or longer hair with layers (like Julianne Moore).

3. Go for face-framing styles.
Avoid styles that get hair off your face. Frame your face with hair for younger looks.


1. Add back the glow by exfoliating.
Fight back the slow skin cell turnover by removing regularly the dead layer of skin cells. Exfliate more frequently than when you were young. You absolutely do not need expensive and complicated stuff for that. See this blog section on Homemade cosmetics (go to earlier posts) to find great recipes of home-made cheap and effective skin exfoliators. Baking soda or fine salt mixed with a regular face wash works just great.

2. Keep your hands young.
My mother got never tired to tell me the best secret of all: your hands and your neck give away your age!!! You alreay know that you have to trat you neck exactly the same you treat your face to avoid neck skin to age prematurely. It means literally, everything you put on your face (from sunblock to masks) should also be put on your neck. ....AND your hands!!!!!!! Exfoliate, moisturize aggressively (especially in wonter), never expose to cold and severe wind, treat them with masks just as you treat your precious face.

3. Try a prescription-strength retinoids (Renova) to fight wrinkles


1. Go easy on the makeup. Don't overdo it. Less is better. Avoid heavy base and use a tinted moisturizer instead.

2. Avoid boring brown colors in makeup. Pick a nice, bright lipstic color. However, avoid bright eye shadows at all costs. Use pink for cheeks and lavander or olive-gold for eyes.


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