Thursday, October 29, 2009

International beauty prescriptions: learn from your sisters around the world.

Hi there! It's me Svetlana.

Living in Canada and the US for many years gave me a great opportunity to observe women from all around the world. Dark and blonde, skinny and plump, women of all different shapes, cultures, and backgrounds, they worry every day about the same thing: how to look their personal best. Thinking about the advantages of diversity in beauty terms, I realized that the best gift we, women from all around the world, have is each other. Sharing generations-old beauty recipes of our mothers and grandmothers with each other, we can blend into one big family of BEAUTIFUL WOMEN OF THE PLANET EARTH! What a power!
I started searching for homemade beauty recipes and secrets from around the world so we can see if we can borrow some of them for our benefit and share our own for the benefit of the others.

1. Singapore.
Because of the very high humidity for most of the year,women from Singapore often coat the ends of their hair with a few drops of coconut oil and leave it overnight to keep hair frezz-free.
They also love avocado (moisturizing) or papaya (exfoliating) face masks. Mash a piece of fruit, put on the face for 15 min, rinse.

2. Phillippines.
To make thir hair glossy women use aloe vera. Break an aloe vera leaf, squeeze the juice out, and massage it into the scalp and hair for several minutes, then rinse.

3.Costa Rica.
To temporarily shrink pores, women in Costa Rica mix equal parts of freshly squeezed orange juice and water and apply the mixture on the face with a cotton ball (avoid eyes!). Leave it for 5-10 minutes, then rinse.
To get rid of "chicken goose" bumps on the skin (ceratosis pilaris, remember? If do not remember, see my blog posts on the homemade cosmetics) women of Costa Rica add fresh lemon juice to baking soda to form a paste, then rub the paste onto affected skin for several minutes and rinse. Follow up with rich moisturizer.

4. China.
Many women there use rice water to cleanse their faces. Rice has antioxidants that prevent premature skin aging. Soak Chinese rice (found in Chinese grocery stores) in water for 20-30 min. Strain the rice, then dunk a washcloth in water and apply the damp cloth to your face for 10 minutes. Doing this once or twice a week would be great.

5. Turkey.
To smooth rough heels, Turkish women sprinkle coarse sea salt into a palmful of lotion (any cheap lotion will do) and use the mix as a great scrub (make sure you soak your feet in warm water first to soften the skin and to make exfoliation easier).

6. France.
French women like red polish for their manicures. As many of them do their own manicures, to get rid of the old polish stains on their nails, French women soak their fingers in warm water with lemon juice. It erases the yellow tinge that red polish can leave behind.

7. United Kingdom.
The tap water in London is loaded with lime, a mineral that makes hair brittle. So to minimize the damage from frequent shampooing, women from London try not to wash thir hair more than three times a week. On the "between days" they resort to dry shampoo. Flip your hair down, spray dry shampoo on the hair roots, brush off as directed, style.

More to come! So long.


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