Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The importance of a measuring tape. The best women magazine in my opinion.

7 October 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana.
A couple of things I would like to share today: the importance of a measuring tape and the best women magazine in my opinion.
1.A simple, cheap measuring tape can be as good, if not better as the most expensive weight scale, when you watch your figure.
 My mother, as well as many other weight-conscious European women, never owned a weight scale and always managed to stay in perfect shape. Since she was a college student she took a habit to measure her parameters (waist, hips, thighs, etc.) with a measuring tape every morning. If the numbers started creeping up, she immediately took actions: smaller portion sizes, more physical activity, etc. She did it until the numbers on the measuring tape fell back to desirable. It helped her then, it still helps her now. If my mother turns her back to you and you don't know her, you can easily think she is in her 20s just by her body shape. I am absolutely not kidding!

More over, if you lift weights regularly, you may actually GAIN weight as oppose to losing weight over time: muscle issue weight more than fat. It happened to me, it may happen to anyone. In this case weight scale will become an unnecessary upsetting tool: you will become frustrated if the weight stays the same (or increases) no matter how hard you work out. We don't need this, do we? In this case a measuring tape is your best companion. You will quickly realize that if you look great and trim, the inches, not pounds, will reflect the true body shape you are in.

2. If I had to chose one single women magazine (especially for women of my age and older), it would be MORE, without any doubts. No frills, no glamour (well, maybe a little), no gimmicks. Just a straightforward, honest, filled with important everyday information talk between ladies in their 40th and older about pretty much everything. Real life advises, real people, real concerns. No gossip. I highly recommend this magazine if you are like me: not a college girl anymore, still like women magazines, but are not able to decide which one to read among hundreds and hundreds. The web site is just as good.


So long! Svetlana

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