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How to look younger and have great skin after 40?

17 October 2009

Hi again!
Every woman wants to know how to look younger than her chronological age. In my prior blog post I described an elegant study by a group of plastic surgeons from Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University who identified external factors which made idential twins look much younger or much older than their siblings.

In addition to avoiding those behaviors and habits that may facilitate aging process, each woman needs to know how to take are of her face and neck after certain age to keep younger looks.

In our 40s the skin of face and neck shows signs of aging: smile lines, forehead creases, larger pores, dryness, loss of turgor (sagging) and jawline, loss of elasticity and luminous appearance. Yet it's not the end of the world. Many things can help to slow down the aging process without spending time and big money. Follow these rules:

1. Get enough sleep and rest. Sleepless nights add wrinkles!

2. Prevent skin dryness by all means. Use a humidifier at home, avoid wind/cold exposure, moisturize like crazy, especially in cold season.

3. Do not overdose on antiwrinkle products, do not overexfoliate to prevent skin damage, do not combine antiaging products at once (a "coctail" may be harmful).

4. Reduce sugar in your diet (this will reduce collagen breakdown).

5. Do not go crazy with professioanl antiwrinkle treatments and spend tons of money on various procedures. Identify one major concern (like forehead creases) and address it first. Focuse on the biggest issues we face with age: sun damage, dullness, dryness.

6. Use homemade cosmetics with different FORMULA: instead of making products for normal skin as you were in your 30s, switch to making and using products for DRY SKIN. Skin is drier with age, less glowy. Think MOISTURIZING first. Of course, home made cosmetics can be and should be supplemented by (but not substituted by) commercial antiaging products: chose serm rather than cream, they sink into the skin faster. Please read posts in my blog which are dedicated to homemade cosmetics.

7. Make homemade cosmetics which downsize your pores. Exfoliate carefully.

8. Use a primer over the morning moisturizer (before applying makeup). It smooths out the skin, so wrinkles are less visible.

9. Take time for yourself and enjoy activities you really like. Find a hobby and spend time enjoying what you really like. Happy look on your face is what makes you most attractive!

Off note: plastic surgery boom is subsiding even in Hollywood in place for more natural looks.

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