Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fitness for lazy: Stop your office job from making your fat!

Hi there! It's me Svetlana.

If you job involves nothing more strenuous than lifting a phone receiver or typing on a keyboard with two fingers, it's not easy to keep your weight in check.
In my Power Poin presentation on "Intuitive nutrition" I have demonstrated how the change of jobs from a moderately active to largely sedentary can affect person's weight in a long run. I made calculations based on my own example of switching in 2007 from a private practice-based cardiologist (then I would spend hours a day walking between patients' rooms and hospital floors making rounds and doing consults) and an office-based cardiologist working for industry (now it's largely a desk job). I projected that if I kept eating and exercising now the same way I used to when I was in private practice, I would have had anormous weight gain by now.

Please chec k out myPower Point presentation slides to see the calculations of the projected weight gain.

To avoid this from happening, I had to make a few modifications after transitioning to a new job. First and foremost, I started following the intuitive nutrition approach to eating. This allow me to be in control over calories consumed and eat (with a few exceptions) only when my body need food for fuel.
Secondly, I had to start moving around more when I am in the office: getting ups and walking around several times per day, doing stretches, sit-ups, calf raises, resistance band exercises in my office during short breaks in the course of the day. I also picked a habit of walking to my coworkers' desks instead of sending emails or calling, taking stairs instead of elevators, and taking a short lunch-time walk outside.

When you sit at work for prolonged periods of time, your body starts shutting down metabolism. It slows calorie burn and makes you prone to gain more weight. We have to prevent it at all cost!!!
Thisnking all the time what else I can do to burn more calories while on the job, I cam ups with following solutions:
1. Squeeze glutes repeatedly while driving your car or while sitting at your desk in the office.
2. Suck in the belly for several seconds, then relax and repeat as many times as you want (also in the car or in the office).
3. Get up and stretch every 30 minutes.
4. Stand for phone conversations. Do toe raises while standing.
5. Stroll around the floor several times a day.
6. If you have Wii games in the office lounge as we do, play during your lunch break.
7. Walk to a coworker's desk instead of calling or sending an email.
8. Bring a resistance band to work and pull it for a minute of two several times a day for upper body exercise.
9. Tap your feet on the floor all the time while sitting (make sure you do it quietly enough so your coworkers do not go crazy!).
10. Do breathing exercises several times per day (you don't even need to stop doing what you are doing for that).

So long! Svetlana.

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