Sunday, September 13, 2009

Homemade cosmetics. Part 8. Beauty Bath to get rid of "chicken skin" (“follicular keratosis”).

13 September 2009

Hi everyone! It's me Svetlana. I will be coming back to the subject of the Homemade cosmetics in the future and will add some new information as soon as I test the recipes and find them acceptable. For now, I would like to finish the series of posts on Homemade Cosmetics by this one.

Beauty Bath to get rid of "chicken skin"(“follicular keratosis”).

I will share a little secret with you: some time ago I found several tiny bumps on the outer sides of my thighs.
 They were barely visible and had a skin color, but they could be definitely felt if I glided the palm of my hand or my fingers against these areas. When I discovered them, I got mortified: they felt nothing short of a beauty disaster. Petrified of a shear though that my boyfriend will notice them, or already (oh God, please don’t let it happen!) had noticed them, I started a frantic literature search to find out what they were and, more importantly, how I was going to get rid of them. The goal was to exterminate them fast, furious, and forever.

I was greatly relieved when I found that the bumps were not pimples! Thank you God for that, at least! The scientific name for the suckers is “keratosis pilaris” or “follicular keratosis”. I am a doctor, of course, so the words spoke to me the common genetic follicular condition which affects about 40-50% of all adults, and even more commonly adolescents. Women have a higher predisposition. Keratosis pilaris has an appearance and a consistency of small rough bumps and referred to commonly as “chicken skin”. Yuk! It usually affects back and the outer sides of the upper arms, thighs, buttocks, but other areas may be affected as well. It rarely gets inflamed. Keratosis pilaris happens when body makes excess of keratin, a natural protein in the skin. This protein deposits surround hair follicles in the skin and create the appearance of permanent goose bumps. Well, the good new is that if the case is mild, like mine, there are great home remedies to fight it. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

OK, let’s see what we have in our armamentarium to battle this condition at home with minimal time and money spent. Our most effective weapon is a mild chemical softening of the hard keratin (using a milk bath), followed by a mechanical EXFOLIATION with home-made body scrubs and intense MOISTURISING. Why milk bath? The lactic acid present in milk, will partially dissolve keratin plugs and make them more “flaky”, more easy to scrub off, exfoliate.

To make a MILK BATH fill the bath tub with warm water and add 2-3 cups of milk (whole, reduced fat, or skim milk are just fine) or 2-3 cups of powder milk. You may add a couple of tablespoons of honey or several drops of essential oil for fragrance. Take a bath for 20 min. Follow by scrubbing the affected areas with a home-made body scrub (see the recipe below). Rinse with warm water, moisturize with a touch of olive oil. Pat towel dry to remove the excess oil before getting dressed.

In addition to the milk baths we have to attack keratosis pilaris with regular skin exfoliation and moisturizing using various body scrubs. See the recipes above, experiment, have fun!

The lesson I learned: keratosis or no keratosis, cellulite or no cellulite, a good scrub can never be used too often. After several days of a regular use my skin started feeling like velvet, and after that the maintenance was needed twice weekly or so, but I felt so much in love with my scrubs, that I started doing it almost daily, even without a bath, just in a shower. All my old bathroom jars and containers once filled with various expensive brands of body creams, scrubs and other concoctions, are filled now with my own cheap, powerful, and natural products I love and respect for their effectiveness and affordability. I still use the old pretty jars, though! They look expensive and presentable, and I am so happy about it, because my boyfriend does not need to know my little secret: I am so cheap!!!

My next series of posts will be dedicated to Aromatherapy use for weight loss.
Please keep reading and follow!


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