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Fight cellulite at home. Part 3. Anti-cellulite baths, body wraps, and scrubs.

6 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana. In "Fight cellulite at home. Part 3. Anti-cellulite baths, body wraps, and scrubs" I will share with you my experiences with home-made anticellulite concoctions used in baths, wraps, and scrubs.

Anti-cellulite Aromatherapy Baths

These baths should be taken daily, for about thirty minutes and can be either followed or preceded by the self-massage described above. It improves the circulation to the affected areas and promotes lymph drainage. Obviously, it does nothing to the mechanical breakage of fat cells, so combine it with a good massage session. This is how I do it.

Fill a bathtub with warm water and add a cup of natural apple cider vinegar. In a separate dish, mix essential oils in the proportions described below. Add some milk or olive oil to the water, to act as a carrier (see aromatherapy chapter for an explanation on carrier oils. When used without a carrier, essential oils can be irritating and cause skin burns. Some of these oils are hot and can heat water and the skin. Before getting into the bathtub make sure you mix water and oils thoroughly.

1. -geranium 5 drops

-lemon 5 drops

-rosemary 5 drops

2. -citronella 5 drops

-sandalwood 5drops

-grapefruit 5 drops

3. -ginger 5 drops

-cypress 5 drops

-lemon 5 drops

-sweet fennel 5 drops

Follow each bath procedure with anti-cellulite self-massage and a warm shower, or shower alone.

Anti-cellulite aromatic body wraps

OK, now we tried both self-massage and baths. The next step will be to master the body wrap. Don’t be surprised, we don’t need an expensive spa to experience wonderful benefits of anti-cellulite wraps which promote circulation to the affected areas, improve lymph drainage and, if massaged into skin well, break fat cells mechanically. Yes, we can do it at home, and do it cheap. This is a weekly (not daily!) procedure, so you can do it unhurried on weekends.

Before getting started, however, some preparation is needed. Things we will need to make this procedure easy and mess-free: plastic wrap, a towel, a combination of carrier oil and essential oils in the proportions listed below, loofah, mitten, or a brush for skin exfoliation, and a plastic squirt bottle.

Purchased on line commercial anti-cellulite wraps cost between $60 to $100 per treatment and more. At home treatment session will only involve the initial cost of essential oils and carrier oil (which will last for many treatments) and a tube of a plastic wrap. I assume you already have a loofah or a skin brush, a towel, and a squirt bottle you use in the kitchen. If not, you don’t really need it, and can use any plastic container to mix oils, or you may get a cheap squirt bottle in a dollar store cooking section.

Take a warm shower or a bath, exfoliating the skin well. In a plastic squirt bottle combine well several ounces of carrier oil with essential oils (in combinations described below), and massage generously into the skin of the problematic areas. Make sure to prevent a mess from the oil spillage and drops by standing inside your shower or on the towel in the bathroom. Wrap the problematic areas in cellophane wrap, including thighs, hips, abdomen, etc. starting with lower parts and working your way towards the heart. Don’t over squeeze your limbs; make sure you feel comfortable at the end. You make cut the cellophane roll in half width for easy wrapping prior to the procedure. Relax in a warm room for about 20 min (sit in a chair or in bed covered with a large towel to prevent linen stains). Unwrap carefully and follow with a warm shower or a contrast shower. Finish with cooler shower.

Greta Breedlove’s The Herbal Home Spa gives the following combination of essential oils:

-grapefruit 8 drops

-thyme 2 drops

-sweet fennel 2 drops

-tasmanian lavender 2 drops

-geranium 2 drops

-juniper berry 2 drops

-carrier oil (olive, safflower, sunflower, or other) 1 cup (author suggests 2 cups, but from my experience 1 cup is just as good and less messy).

Easy to make anti-cellulite body scrubs

This is total fun, all natural, smells great, you can make a lot of it, you can use it daily while taking a shower, you can store it on your bathroom shelves (no fridge needed!), and you can experiment with various oils from the list below for different fragrance.

As I mentioned in the chapter about “Home cosmetics”, any basic body scrub has pretty much the same simple ingredients: the exfoliant (sugar, salt, ground oats, or ground coffee) and oil. For the most basic scrub one can just mix 1 cup of any sugar (granulated or brown) and ¼ cup of olive oil and rub into the skin while taking a shower. However, to fight cellulite specifically, we may need a little bit more than these two simple ingredients. For once, we are dealing with a strong enemy (cellulite), thus need more powerful “weapons”.

One of the greatest discoveries made in the field of the home anti-cellulite war was the invention of a coffee-containing body scrub. The name of its inventor should be permanently commemorated in the history of the modern beauty. Coffee is a stimulant and helps to break down fat cells in troubled areas and to increase blood circulation. From now on never through away your coffee grounds! In the shower rub your thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and the sides with fresh coffee grounds. I even rub my boobs! You will see how your skin turns and stays pink, glowing, and soft to touch! The effect is truly wonderful, trust me! If you want to be a little more sophisticated and creative, try the recipes below.

Coffee body scrub (three ingredients only):

3 cups of coffee grounds—the dregs remaining after brewing ground coffee (any cheap ground coffee will do)

½ cup of raw sugar or sea salt

2-3 tbsp of massage oil (any cheap massage oil will do) or any oil of your choice (olive, etc.)

Optional additions may include: brown sugar (as much as needed to reach the desired consistency for more coarse scrub with a nice, sweet smell), vanilla extract (sweet scent, thinner scrub consistency), a dash of cinnamon (exotic, sharp smell), 2-3 drops of essential oil of your choice. Experiment, have fun! Mix the ingredients together in a bowl, and use the scrub several times a week while in the shower, working it into your skin with your fingertips or a washcloth. The only downside of this scrub is that it is slightly messy and carries a slight potential of clogging the shower drain. To avoid this, grind your coffee really fine. Believe me, an occasional need to use a plunger (I hope not a plumber!) is a very small inconvenience to pay for the benefits of this wonderful and cheap treatment. The good news is that you may keep all nice jars that used to contain those expensive body butters, scrubs, creams, and reuse them to keep your new cheap and organic concoctions that cost five-ten times less.

Another basic anti-cellulite scrub:

In a bowl mix:

¼ cup brown sugar

1 Tbs dry milk powder

2 Tbs oatmeal (grind it ahead of time in a coffee grinder or a food processor to a desired consistency, like granulated sugar or sea salt). Do not use instant oatmeal!

½ tsp vanilla extract (for scent, optional)

¼ cup coconut, olive, or any other vegetable oil you have

Simply mix all the ingredients together to a paste-like consistency and use as a regular scrub.

For an anti-cellulite scrub you take the same ingredients, but SUBSTITUTE vanilla extract with 2-3 drops of one or several essential oils from the list below (mixed with a coconut oil as a carrier before hand) to create your unique scents. I personally make my own signature blends: “sensual oriental” (use allspice, cinnamon, geranium, ginger, and ½ tsp vanilla extract), “earthy woody” (sandalwood, cypress, pine), “stimulating citrus” (use lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, and tangerine, mandarin in any combinations), “calming nocturnal” (lavender, sage, geranium).

Essential oils that help fight cellulite (can be used in any combinations different from formulas listed above) are listed below. Just experiment!

Allspice, basil, celery seed, cinnamon leaf, citronella, cumin seed, cypress, sweet fennel, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, juniper, lavender, lemon, lime, bergamot, mandarin, orange, oregano, pine, rosemary, sage, sandalwood, tangerine, thyme.

Dear ladies, I anticipate that after reading this chapter you may ask: who has time to do all this? Well, the answer is clear to me. The choice is ours. Either we want to look and feel great, or we don’t. Either we want to save huge amount of money, or not. Either we want to have fun with the beautification process, or we don’t. Either we want to know what ingredients we put in our bodies, or we don’t care. And last but not the least, either we have time for ourselves, or we don’t. This ultimately will decide the success of our mission: don’t feel that you are wasting time. You are the most important person in the world, worth all time on Earth, and if you are content, beautiful, and healthy, all people around you will feel the same way. If we don’t learn to relax, unwind, slow down, take a deep breath, nothing will make us look radiant and young, not the most expensive face lift. I chose home-made beauty.

Recommended reading:

The Herbal Home Spa: Naturally Refreshing Wraps, Rubs, Lotions, Masks, Oils, and Scrubs (Herbal Body) by Greta Breedlove.

Recommended web sites to visit: (aromatherapy for cellulite)

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