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Fight cellulite at home. Part 2. How to do anticellulite self-massage.

5 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana. After we got knowing our worst enemy called CELLULITE, we can prepate to attack it from multiple directions with all "weapons" we have in our arsenal. Surprisingly, we can do a whole lot at home, and the result will be not worse than from expensive commercial treatments in beauty salons. The key is consistency. I will start with the first "weapon" we have: an anticellulite self massage.

Anti-cellulite self-massage

One of the most effective interventions we can perform at home is anti-cellulite self-massage.
 By squeezing the hell out of those “orange peel” fat layers, we will increase the overall blood circulation in the body, including those areas affected by cellulite. As our entire body starts circulating more blood, the blood will bring more oxygen and nutrients to the subcutaneous fat tissues, increasing their metabolism, and the ability to function, and to eliminate toxins and drain excess lymph. As the fat cells are broken and shaken, mechanically separated from each other, as local and total body metabolism increases, the visual appearance of cellulite diminishes, fat gradually melts away, and the formation of the new cellulite slows down or completely stops. The skin, fueled with the blood and nutrients, becomes more elastic, smooth, and lumps and bumps gradually go away.

This is how to perform an effective anti-cellulite self-massage at home.

1. Put a generous amount of a moisturizing lotion, a massage lotion or oil, or (better) an anti-cellulite cream to the affected area to make it easier for your hands to glide. You can make it more fun by using a combination of 2-3 teaspoons of natural honey with several drops of any essential oil (lemon, eucalyptus, grapefruit, orange, lavender, juniper, etc.). This way in addition to the anti-cellulite massage benefits, you will benefit from the healing properties of honey absorbed through your skin, moisturizing and smoothing effect of oils, and aromatherapy at ones. Remember that honey and essential oils can cause allergic reactions, so use them only if you are absolutely sure you don’t have any allergies. If you are not sure, check your skin reaction by applying a small amount of it on the wrist. In case any redness, irritation, itching, rash, or swelling occurs, wash the area immediately with water and don’t use these ingredients again.

Aromatherapy self massage can be also done as follows. Make one of the following combinations of essential oils. Make sure that you mix it with 1-2 oz of carrier oil (coconut oil, jojoba, or any other oil or lotion as described in the “Aromatherapy for weight loss and beauty” chapter on massage) before applying to skin to prevent irritation and burning.

1. -lime 5 drops

-cedar wood 4 drops

-black pepper 3 drops

-cypress 8 drops

2. -lemon 7 drops

-celery seed 3 drops

-Peru balsam 2 drops

-litsea cubeba 8 drops

Using self-massage techniques described below, massage the mix thoroughly into problematic areas (work for 5 minutes on each area). Do it daily for the best results.

Using a lotion, cream, or oil and honey combination, will prevent excessive skin pinching and pulling during the procedure, reducing pain and the appearance of black and blue marks after the massage. Remember that for the self-massage to be effective, it has to be done rather vigorously, so if you pinch and pull your skin without a moisturizing lotion on it, this may create a mild injury to the skin and subcutaneous blood vessels and result in ugly black and blue marks. Be nice to your body and never ever do anything that might cause any injuries.

2. Always start at the lower area and perform massaging motions TOWARDS your heart.

This will create physiologic blood flow and lymph drainage from the affected areas. Remember that the goal is to increase not only the arterial blood supply with the oxygen, but also to enhance the venous and lymphatic drainage to facilitate the elimination of the toxic products along with the water. This will reduce the swelling.

3. Keep a pressure on your skin rather moderate than light. Light pressure may not be enough to get the “juices” flow.

Come on, this is not the time to be shy or lazy! This is the moment of truth, the frontlines, and the battle in its pure form! Either cellulite wins, or we prevail, and we know we are not going to surrender without a major fight! Again, a lotion you will use to make your hands glide and to prevent the skin injuries comes vital now. Gliding also will keep your arms less tired.

4. Alternate the following four moves:

- pinching a skin fold between your thumb and fingers and pulling it away from the body in different directions (maintain a motion towards your heart and be careful not to do it too vigorously). This motion is better done WITHOUT the lotion, so do it at the beginning of each session, and then follow with the rest of the massage with the lotion

- circular motions using your palms, knuckles, or the fingertips,

- long strokes along the affected area using the palms, knuckles, or the fingertips,

- grasping the skin and the subcutaneous fat between your thumb and the fingers and kneading it as if it was dough.

Finish with long gentle strokes towards the heart.

You can either use both hands to work on one side of your body at a time (which will take twice longer time, but will produce more vigorous results), or to massage the right side with the right hand, and the left side with the left hand at the same time. In either case, work on each problematic area (thighs, buttocks, hips) for five minutes, and do it every day.

While performing the self-massage you could be standing with one foot positioned on a low stool or a step block for your convenience, or could be sitting with one leg elevated on a pillow or a chair. Avoid slippery surfaces. Ultimately, it does not matter what position you perform the anti-cellulite massage in, as long as you do it consistently.

To perform the massage more effectively and to prevent tiring your arms and hands, consider using a special massage roller or a brush with natural bristles (of a desired softness). In this case you may skip a lotion completely. I like to do a good self-massage using a roller or a rough natural bristle brush on a bare skin, and at the end apply and massage in an anti-cellulite cream to enhance the results. Make sure you clean your roller and a massage brush thoroughly with soap and water after each use.

If you want to get the maximum benefit from self-massage, but agree to endure some moderate pain, buy a set of 2 rubber glasses for vacuum self-massage. Rubber glass is a small massager made of clinically tested medical silicone and used to perform vacuum massage. They look like this.

Vacuum massage is believed to be one of the most trusted methods in cellulite reduction. A vigorous vacuum massage causes irritation of skin receptors which result in a reflex hyperthermia. It really means that vacuum causes the local rush of blood and lymph to skin from deep underlying tissues, increasing dermal and sub-dermal metabolism of the massages segment of the body.

Rubber glass massage has to be performed daily for the first several weeks to achieve maximal results, and then at least three times a week to sustain the results. It only takes 5-6 minutes on each area massaged. One definitely needs either anti-cellulite cream (best), or massage oil, or just a lotion to perform rubber glass vacuum massage. Never ever attempt it on a dry skin to avoid bruising. I use simple skin lotion on wet skin for maximum glide. Massage techniques usually are described on a manual which comes with a package. I personally bought a set of 2 rubber glasses from a web site called They were $29.99 plus shipping and handling. Promised sample of free anti-cellulite massage cream never arrived. Manual had numerous grammar mistakes and bad translation attempts, but the product itself was just what I expected. It creates great vacuum and glides smoothly, as long as I use plenty of lotion. Maybe you can do better after searching the web.

The major disadvantage of rubber glass vacuum self-massage method is a fairly significant level of pain sensation during the massage procedure. To better describe it, I would say it feels roughly like if somebody grabbed you by a thigh with fingers (pinching into fat tissues) and pulled you skin and fat away from the body. For the first several days I had to suck it up, clenching my teeth, and then it became less painful. I guess, I could ask my daughter or my boyfriend to massage me with the rubber glass for maximal efficiency, but I decided not to do it because the sight of my fat being squished and pulled in different directions is anything but pretty.

To summarize rubber glass massage, I would say that the pain sucks but if you are willing to put up with it, not a single home self-treatment produces such a degree of increased blood circulation and hyperemia than this one. And if we believe in the mechanism of cellulite prevention and treatment, this is the best you can do for yourself at home, without spending huge bucks.

I would definitely not recommend using rubber glasses if you have problems with varicose veins or just visible “spider” veins. I am afraid the vacuum massage can make it worse, potentially causing serious bruising and skin vessel breakdown. I can not prove it, but I feel intuitively that it’s not a good idea. My rubber glass manual contains a list of medical contraindications to this procedure.

You know you are doing it well if at the end of the procedure your body feels warm, the heart is pumping strongly, and the skin of the areas you have massaged turned pink.

The excellent trick you can use to increase the effectiveness of your anti-cellulite self-massage is a hot bath. Please never do what I describe below if you have a heart or high blood pressure condition, varicose veins, or if you faint, get dizzy, or short of breath easily. I you are perfectly healthy, not on your menstrual period, and don’t have any of the above medical conditions, you may try this. Fill 1/3 of the bathtub with very warm water. You may or may not add your favorite bath oil, salts, or bubbles. Carefully get into the bathtub and sit down so only your lower body is covered with water. Take a body brush, loofa, or a face cloth, and start “brushing” the problematic areas of cellulite under water, trying to maximally increase the blood circulation in them. You may use your bare hands if you find it more convenient. I personally prefer an organic loofa which is made like a mitten. Start with lower areas and work your way towards the heart. The skin should quickly turn pink. Be careful with the water temperature so you don’t burn yourself. Do this for about 5-7min; you don’t need to do it much longer than that. Finish with a brief cool shower. After the shower pat you skin lightly with a towel, and perform a full anti-cellulite self-massage as described above (with a lotion or an anti-cellulite cream). The hot bath before the massage will greatly increase its effectiveness by jump-starting the blood circulation in the areas affected by the cellulite. If you don’t have a bathtub, or don’t like hot baths for whatever reason, consider a hot shower instead. One can effectively use a contrast shower (described in details in the chapter “Water therapy for weight loss and beauty”) to boost the blood circulation and metabolism even more.

If during the hot bath or shower you find yourself short of breath, dizzy, lightheaded, or like you are going to faint, STOP immediately, call for help; slowly get out of the tub, and lye down. Put a cool compress on your forehead, drink a glass of cool water, rest as long as needed before slowly getting up, and don’t attempt this procedure again.

Finish every self-massage with drinking a large glass of water to rehydrate and wash out the toxins.

If you chose to use essential oils for massage, don’t bathe or take a shower for 2-3 hours after the procedure to let the oils penetrate the skin and do the job well.

One more thing I would like you to remember: no massage in the world, including the anti-cellulite massage, used alone, would get rid of the fat on your buttocks and thighs completely. Even though you will burn some calories by rubbing your problem zones vigorously for 10-15-20 minutes every day, it would not be enough to lose wait. Massage will help, breaking the fat cells and increasing cell metabolism, but in order to melt that fat away completely, provided you have enough of it to worry about, you have to (have to!) do low-intensity, relatively long duration (45-60 min) aerobic exercises 5-7 days a week while keeping a heart rate in the “fat burn” range. Example of such exercise would be jogging, lap swimming, brisk walking, riding a bike.

Recommended web sites to visit: (aromatherapy for cellulite)

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