Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Intuitive nutrition. Part 8. The importance of a hunger scale.

22 September 2009.
It's me Svetlana continuing on the last 2 principles of intuitive nutrition.

Principle #4. Eating only when hungry (but not ravenous!): a hunger scale.

This is the most difficult rule to follow. It requires the knowledge of the difference between true hunger and appetite, as well as will power, at least initially, until the new eating habits become a new reality for your mind and body (“reset”).

How many times have we been there? We’ve just completed feasting at the dinner table until we couldn’t possibly eat even one more bite when, all of a sudden, dessert is brought out and we’re suddenly somewhat hungry again.

Intuitive nutrition--the universal key to healthy weight for life. Part 7. Calorie count.

22 September 2009
Hi there! This is Svetlana.
At the very bottom of this post I put a link where you can go and see my Powerpoint presentation on Intuitive Nutrition, which has tons of additional helpful information.

Today I want to talk about the next principle of intuitive nutrition which is calorie count. Calorie count (approximate, of course) is much needed when you practice intuitive nutrition. It's needed at least for a while, until you know how much on average you consume per day, so you can build your strategy from there.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Intuitive nutrition--the universal key to healthy weight for life. Part 6. Portion control.

19 September 2009

Hi again! This is Svetlana.

I want to "jump" from the principle #1 (freedom of food choices) described in the previous post to the principle #3 (portion control).

We live in the land of gigantic food portions. From the enormous bowls of pasta and the big slabs of beef served in restaurants to plate-sized pizza slices and jumbo bags of chips and candy, it appears that the distortion of portion size is alive and well. It’s all too common to consume three or four or even five “servings” at a time. Think not? Consider these commonly accepted serving sizes and what they look like.

Intuitive Nutrition: the universal key to healthy weight for life. Part 5. Freedom of food choices.

Let’s talk about each principle of intuitive nutrition separately.

Principle #1. Freedom of food choices. This is one of the major advantages over many commercial diets. Lobster bisque? A steak with mashed potatoes? A piece of chocolate? A slice of a cake? Ice cream? Why not if you eat according to the hunger scale, using your own body as the best regulatory tool?!

Please eat whatever you want, the choice is yours. But… eat only a LITTLE (remember portion control principle), only when HUNGRY (“grey zone” of the hunger scale), and always SLOWLY, and STOP when not hungry anymore (“grey zone”).

Intuitive nutrition-- the universal key to healthy weight for life. Part 4. Basic principles.

19 September 2009

Hi there! This is me Svetlana. In this post I will continue talking about intuitive nutrition-- without a doubt the universal key to healthy weight for life.

The paradoxical reason number two we overeat is that we EAT UNCONSCIOUSLY. Let me explain. Unconscious eating does not mean we consume food in a state of trance, hypnosis, or while asleep or passed out. Well, sort of… Do you know that 99.9% of us treat eating as other regular body functions which do not need thinking? Breathing, passing gas, urinating, yawning, making love, clearing throat, and eating are treated the same way. People just eat. Why?

Intuitive nutrition-- the universal key to healthy weight for life. Part 3. Stay connected to your body. Honor its needs.

19 September 2009

Hi there! This is me Svetlana. Let's keep going.

So, if you are like me, who likes freedom of choices and liberty of making decisions, wants a hint of structure, and hates putting my hard earned money into somebody’s pocket – you are my girl. If you are like me, attentive to your body, motivated, curious, practical, and a little stingy, you would do what I do: intuitive nutrition! Most important: if you respect your body and want to be kind to it, want to take good care of it, to be in touch with it and listen to its signals, follow intuitive nutrition concept. Intuitive nutrition is all you need to achieve and maintain healthy weight. You will be very surprised where this path may take you, and what physical as well as deep psychological discoveries you can make in the process.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Intuitive nutrition (eating)-- the universal key to healthy weight for life. Part 3. Why traditional diets don’t work

18 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana

These are 7 reasons traditional diets do not work, at least not for long. They may work in a short term, but infrequently in a long run.

1. Diets deprive us. Many diets eliminate certain foods or whole food groups (unhealthy and unrealistic for the long term).

2. Diets make us hungry. Uncontrollable hunger can result in overeating.

Intuitive nutrition (eating) -- the universal key to healthy weight for life. Part 2. Philosophy.

18 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana. Continuing on the topic of intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating (or intuitive nutrition) is an approach to nutrition that is very different from traditional eating habits. Why do we eat? This simple question, if answered honestly, has a very unusual answer. We frequently eat not only when we are hungry, but also because… it’s time to eat (lunchtime equals eating lunch, 6PM calls for a family dinner), or there is an emotional impulse to eat. Tired, frustrated, sad, nervous, bored, angry… All of the above emotions can trigger food cravings when we are not truly hungry. When the body gets food it does not really need, it stores it in the form of fat. We grow fat. We spoke about this in the previous post.

Intuitive nutrition-- the universal key to healthy weight for life. Part 1. Formula of obesity.

18 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana! This new section will be about intuitive nutrition--something I love to talk about and practice... because it works!

First of all, we will be operating with numbers of calories.
The calorie is a pre-SI metric unit of energy. The unit was first defined by Professor Nicolas Clément in 1824 as a unit of heat. This definition entered French and English dictionaries between 1841 and 1867. In most fields its use is archaic, having been replaced by the SI unit of energy, the joule. However, in many countries it remains in common use as a unit of food energy.

Definitions vary but are all based on the specific heat capacity of water.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Aromatherapy for weight loss. Part 2. Essential oils and how to use them. Precautions/warning.

14 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana. After learning the science behind aromatherapy use for weight loss and mood improvement, let’s talk what essential oils to use, how to do it, and discuss some precautions and warnings.

These essential oils are helpful with weight loss/curbing appetite:

1. Cravings for sweets: vanilla (decreases cravings for sweets).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aromatherapy for weight loss. Part 1. Science behind the idea.

13 Spetember 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana. Let's shift gears from homemade cosmetics (I promise though, we are going to come back to every single topic of this blog and add some more info) and talk about... aromatherapy for weight loss. How does it work? Why would we try it? What is the science behind the unusual idea? And is there any science?

Aromatherapy for weight loss

Have you ever heard the term “emotional eating”?

Homemade cosmetics. Part 8. Beauty Bath to get rid of "chicken skin" (“follicular keratosis”).

13 September 2009

Hi everyone! It's me Svetlana. I will be coming back to the subject of the Homemade cosmetics in the future and will add some new information as soon as I test the recipes and find them acceptable. For now, I would like to finish the series of posts on Homemade Cosmetics by this one.

Beauty Bath to get rid of "chicken skin"(“follicular keratosis”).

I will share a little secret with you: some time ago I found several tiny bumps on the outer sides of my thighs.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Homemade cosmetics. Part 7. Body scrubs.

12 Spetember 2009

Hi everyone! I am finally on vacation. Avalon, beach house. It's already dusk. The sky is turning colors from deep purple to violet with a touch of crimson. I wonder about tomorrow's weather for a second, but not going to check it. Let it be a surprise. Nothing be bad when you are in heaven. Nice breeze is coming through the open balcony door, and Gypsy kings are singing. George is flipping through the pages of "Three cups of tea" by Greg Mortinson. If this is not heaven, I don't know what is. This is why I want to talk about my most favorite homemade beauty concoctions: heavenly body scrubs.

Homemade cosmetics. Part 6. Problematic skin. Blemishes and blackheads. Acne treatments.

12 September 2009

Hi ladies and gents!
This is Svetlana. Time to discuss the stuff everyone hates: problematic skin. Some of the skin problems, such as severe cases of acne, for instance, should be treated by a dermatologist. Do not mess up with those. Minor problems, however, are quite manageable at home. It's cheaper and does not involve any harsh chemicals which may potentialy make a skin problem worse.

Blemishes and Blackheads

Treating these monsters will definitely require methodical skin cleansing, regular gentle exfoliating, as well as regular use of facial sauna.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Homemade cosmetics. Part 5. Facial moisturizers (daily for dry and normal skin only).

11 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana. Today the section will be about facial moisturizers.

On a daily basis our skin is subjected to harsh environmental and weather conditions which promote dryness and lead to earlier signs of agins. If you have oily skin, you may be lucky because your skin is naturally more protected and is not as succeptable to aging factors as dry skin. Moisturizing dry skin (replenishing its water content and softening the old skin flakes so they can "shed") is an important element of daily skin care routine to prevent aging process.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Homemade cosmetics. Part 4. pH balancers specific for skin type (needed daily).

9 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana again.
I hope you enjoy the section on the homemade cosmetics. Wait until you actually try it!
Tonight I will cover the second last step af the daily routine which is an application of a pH balancer specific for your skin type (the last step is actually a moisturizer, except if you have oily skin when moisturizer should be avoided).

Step 5. Applying pH balancers specific for skin type (daily).

pH balancers have to be used after the skin cleansing or after any other skin treatments (masks, exfoliations, etc.). Apply a pH balancer with a cotton ball or gauze, or just splash it on. May follow with a moisturizer (except oily skin).

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Homemade cosmetics. Part 3. Facial masks (once or twice a week, or more frequently if desired).

8 September 2009.

Hi there! It's me Svetlana.
Tonight I will cover facial masks. My mother, who is one of the biggest homemade cosmetics enthusiasts, used to say, "You can make a mask out of anything you can buy in a dairy or a produce section". I would make it "almost anything" (NEVER put onions on your face and avoid carrot-based masks in the morning like the plague!). Add honey to the list, and we are good to go.

Step 4. Facial masks (once or twice a week, or more frequently if desired).

General rules for preparing and applying natural face masks.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Homemade cosmetics. Part 2. Daily routines: Makeup removal. Cleansing and exfoliating. Toning.

6 September 2009.

Hi there!
It's me Svetlana. Let's start with daily routines.

Home skin care step-by-step with home made cosmetics

Step 1. Makeup removal (daily).

Remove all face and neck makeup with a cotton ball dipped in milk or yogurt; remove eye makeup with a cotton ball dipped in olive oil.

Step 2. Cleansing (daily) and exfoliating (once or twice a week).

Any skin treatments care routine starts with cleansing.

Homemade cosmetics. Part 1. Introduction to organic ingredients and various skin care routines.

7 Septamber 2009.

Hi there! It's me Svetlana again.

Have you ever calculated how much you personally spend per month (per year) on buying makeup? Let’s do math. I am not going to invent anything. I will visit my 23 year old daughter’s friend in her house and with her permission, inspect her makeup bags and bathroom shelves and count how much their current contents roughly cost. Mind, my daughter’s friend is not a spender. She recently graduated from college and makes just enough money to keep ends together. With her Soviet background she is rather stingy and very prudent in her spending. With that introduction, let’s examine her makeup case and do calculations. Let’s see if we can save her some hard-earned bucks without compromising (actually with improving) the quality of the products she puts daily on her beautiful face.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fight cellulite at home. Part 3. Anti-cellulite baths, body wraps, and scrubs.

6 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana. In "Fight cellulite at home. Part 3. Anti-cellulite baths, body wraps, and scrubs" I will share with you my experiences with home-made anticellulite concoctions used in baths, wraps, and scrubs.

Anti-cellulite Aromatherapy Baths

These baths should be taken daily, for about thirty minutes and can be either followed or preceded by the self-massage described above. It improves the circulation to the affected areas and promotes lymph drainage. Obviously, it does nothing to the mechanical breakage of fat cells, so combine it with a good massage session. This is how I do it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fight cellulite at home. Part 2. How to do anticellulite self-massage.

5 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana. After we got knowing our worst enemy called CELLULITE, we can prepate to attack it from multiple directions with all "weapons" we have in our arsenal. Surprisingly, we can do a whole lot at home, and the result will be not worse than from expensive commercial treatments in beauty salons. The key is consistency. I will start with the first "weapon" we have: an anticellulite self massage.

Anti-cellulite self-massage

One of the most effective interventions we can perform at home is anti-cellulite self-massage.

Fight cellulite at home. Part 1. What is cellulite and why it happens: know your enemy before the battle.

5 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana.
Today I want to shift gears from "Fitness for lazy and frugal" (I will definitely come back to it many more times). Following my favorite principle of exercise "change your routine frequently to avoi boredom" I think I should switch from exercise topic to something that is equally painful for many ladies around there: a vicious beast CELLULITE. The topic of my next several posts will be "Fight cellulite at home".

Being such a budget beauty chick, over years I learned many inexpensive and effective tricks and ways of fighting cellulite at home without spending tons of bucks. My mother, who is a huge natural beauty enthusiast herself, tought me some of these approaches when I was still a teenager, and I have been following them since.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fitness for lazy and frugal. Part 5. Strength exercises without struggle.

3 September 2009

Hi there! How are you? I was exhausted this morning, so I slept through my alarm clock, woke up to realize that I was 15 minutes late for my morning walk and my walking partner was waiting for me. I jumped in my running shoes and went outside, but she was already gone. I felt like a complete idiot and continued walking like a zombie for about 20 minutes around the neighborhood in desperate attempts to find her, and then miserably quit. I called her during the day and left an apologetic message offering her to chop my head off on a chopping block, like a chicken, if she wanted to. She did not want to.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fitness for lazy and frugal. Part 4. Inexpensive pieces of equipment for great use.

1 September 2009

Hi there! It's me Svetlana again.

I my last post I promised I would talk more about specific types of exercises (both aerobic and strength) that do not require much stamina (so it cooperates well with laziness) and need a minimum amount of cheap equipment, or no equipment at all. They are great for both beginners (even the most out-of-shape) and intermediate levels.

-Great aerobic exercise in addition to (or instead of) walking or jogging is rope jumping! Rope is very cheap at any sports stop. It's much more energy consuming than walking or jogging, of course, and requires pretty good joints. Do not do it if you have problems with your back, hips, or knees. Otherwise, if you want to sweat and have a short, but intense workout, jump!