Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26 August, 2009

Hi there! I hope somebody is there. My name is Svetlana. I am a cardiologist by day and a DIY beauty enthusiast by night. I have never blogged before. I would like to start this blog to share my experiences with everything that I know about beautification on a budget. My blog will be about beauty secrets, nutrition, body image, beautiful state of mind, and fitness for busy women. Things that I will share with you may not work for everyone, and some of them may sound unusual, even controversial  You decide what works for you.

This blog is for women who like me realized that this game is not about spending a fortune on chasing illusive goals of physical perfection, but living happily with what we have, reaching deep and consuming state of satisfaction, embracing our unique features, taking care of our bodies and minds with affordable, readily available, inexpensive, and natural remedies, and living a simple, relaxing and fulfilling life. Natural and inexpensive does not mean effortless.This blog is for women who like me work hard to reach a personal best physical shape, a personal best state of mind, and, most importantly, do it as cheap as simple as possible.

In this blog you will find information how to use these all-natural methods and recipes for weight loss, beauty, and happiness that are traditional and very popular in Russia:

- homemade cosmetics,

- fighting cellulite at home,

- water therapy (hydrotherapy) and sauna for weight loss and beauty,

- natural body cleansing,

- aromatherapy for weight loss,

- intuitive nutrition for weight loss,

- power of mind in getting and staying slim,

- sex for weight loss,

- fitness for busy and frugal.

Let us start!

Good night!


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